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This historic shirt celebrates Griffith Park’s Mountain Lion P-22 one of the few remaining pumas in the Santa Monica Mountains. He needs your support.

Available in a Signature Moisture-Wicking Fitness Shirt from Runyon Canyon Apparel. Crafted from performance fabric that’s milled, cut and sewed in Los Angeles.


Not too long ago our mountain lion P-22
almost died of mange from eating rat poison.

Fortunately he has survived,
but thousands of other mountain lions, hawks, owls, coyotes and bobcats
living in the Santa Monica Mountains haven’t been so lucky.

The wildlife living in Los Angeles
and throughout the nation needs your support.

Our wildlife maintains ecological balance
and keeps pests and nuisance species
from overtaking and destroying our outdoor habitats and way of life.

By purchasing a Citizen shirt…
50% of the proceeds will go to Citizens For Los Angeles Wildlife, Inc. and the great work they do.

By wearing a Citizen shirt…
you will help educate people about our wildlife crises and show you care.

Become a CLAW, a Citizen for Los Angeles Wildlife.

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About Citizens For Los Angeles Wildlife

CLAW is working to save P-22 and wildlife citizens throughout Los Angeles. We work to protect and restore the environments of wildlife of Los Angeles and California from dwindling open spaces. Our mission is to promote, educate and protect the fundamental importance of wildlife, wildlife habitats and wildlife corridors everywhere. The well-being of people, wildlife and the environment are closely linked. Since mountain lion P-22 has been discovered and photographed in Hollywood’s Griffith Park in 2013, the impact of urban development in Los Angeles is having an immediate and measurable deleterious effect on this majestic animal. He is cut off from future mates and has been sickened by rat poison. These impacts are not merely a threat but are creating measurable negative implications on entire wildlife species beyond P-22. CLAW wants to make sure wildlife are considered and protected from dangers in the growing density and reversed where possible in order to protect the future of nature where it is not too late.

In just 1 year with minimal funding, CLAW has accomplished…
Rodenticide Ban

CLAW got the Los Angeles Dept of Rec and Parks to stop spreading toxic rodent poison in all of its 435 parks and natural areas. Learn More.

Wildlife Corridor

CLAW worked with City Council to put forward the most aggressive motion to date to protect open spaces and wildlife corridors from hillside developments. Learn More.

Fire Prevention

CLAW put forward real enforceable penalties for smoking in hillsides. Learn More

Deer Protection

CLAW designed and posted visible signage to warn commuters to slow and watch for deer. Learn More

Barn Own Boxes

CLAW began implementing infrastructure of barn owl nesting boxes as alternative to toxic rat poison that made P-22 sick. Learn More

Make A Larger Contribution

To learn more about Citizens For Los Angeles Wildlife, Inc. a 501(c)3 charitable organization or to make a more significant tax-deductible year-end contribution visit

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